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Asthma and COVID-19


These are worrying times, especially for those with asthma. Asthma Australia is seeking to improve the lives of people with asthma and you can help them support you during Coronavirus (COVID-19) by clicking here to take their short survey.

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What you have told us about hay fever in Melbourne and Canberra

In a nutshell, the main factor in Canberra and Melbourne determining how bad everyone's hay fever symptoms are is how much grass pollen is in the air.

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Pollen Podcast

The Melbourne Pollen team and Podcast One Australia are pleased to present a podcast series of four episodes where we discuss pollen and allergies with a range of experts.

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A Pollen Counter's View of November 21, 2019

Although the grass pollen season isn't over yet we're expecting it will start to taper off by mid-December.

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Know the four steps of asthma first aid

Having good control of your #asthma or #hayfever can help reduce your risk of thunderstorm asthma.