Viral Induced Wheezing (Episode 5 of the Podcast)

Sept. 27, 2023

Expert insights on its causes, diagnosis, and treatment.

viral induced wheezing

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In this episode, Professor Sarath Ranganathan delves into the intricate world of viral induced wheezing in children. With a wealth of expertise in pediatric respiratory health, Professor Ranganathan takes us on a journey through the anatomy of the respiratory system, explaining how airways function and how wheezing manifests.

Discover the nuances of this common childhood condition, as Professor Ranganathan deciphers the potential causes, ranging from narrow airways to inflammation. Gain valuable insights into the diagnosis process for children under five, and learn why recurrence and trigger identification are crucial for understanding and managing the condition.

Professor Ranganathan clarifies the distinctions between viral induced wheezing and other respiratory issues like croup, providing a clear roadmap for concerned parents and caregivers. Tune in to learn about the prognosis for children with this condition and the potential impacts on their lung function as they grow.

Explore treatment options, including the use of medications like inhaled corticosteroids, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their benefits and potential side effects. Join us for a thoughtful discussion that balances the concerns of parents with the expertise of a seasoned medical professional.

If you're a parent, caregiver, or simply curious about childhood respiratory health, this episode is packed with valuable information. Listen now and empower yourself with knowledge about viral induced wheezing in children, guided by the expertise of Professor Sarath Ranganathan.

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