Podcast: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Inhaler

Oct. 15, 2023

Small Device, Big Impact: How Spacers Elevate Asthma Treatment

The importance of spacers for asthma management

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In this episode, Pratyush Misra from MDI sheds light on the significance of spacers in asthma management. Pratyush explains why spacers aren't just for children but are equally vital for adults. He breaks down the science behind these valved holding chambers, comparing them to everyday devices like mouth fresheners.

Pratyush emphasizes the need for accurate medication delivery to the lungs, addressing the challenges of using inhalers alone. He highlights the recommendations from the National Asthma Council of Australia, advocating spacer use for all ages. The discussion extends to the practicality of spacers, including their ease of cleaning and portability.

Discover the innovative telescoping design of the BreathaTech anti-static spacer and the benefits of using a face mask. Pratyush addresses common concerns about spacer cleaning and offers insightful tips for maintaining optimal performance.

Tune in for expert advice on selecting the right spacer for your needs and gain a deeper understanding of how these devices can enhance asthma management. Don't miss this informative conversation with Pratyush Misra, providing essential insights into optimizing asthma treatment.

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The Pollen And Allergies Podcast

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The Pollen and Allergies Podcast

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