Happy Halloween from MelBOOurne Pollen Count

Oct. 31, 2023

halloween 2023 Melbourne

In the spooky woods where the moonlight gleams,
There's a Halloween tale filled with sneezes and screams.
Beneath the pumpkin moon, so round and bright,
A tale of pollen, allergies, and a frightful night.

A witch brewed a potion with a sinister twist,
She added pollen, thinking, "This can't be missed!"
But what she didn't know, in her witchy endeavor,
Was that allergies would strike, making her sneeze forever!

The cauldron bubbled, and the night grew eerie,
But all the witch could do was sneeze and be teary.
"ACHOO!" she cried, with a loud, thunderous sound,
Her allergies to pollen, forever unbound.

The creatures of the night, they cackled with glee,
As the witch sneezed and sneezed, they danced with glee.
Bats flew overhead, giggling in delight,
While the witch sneezed her way through the haunted night.

So remember, on Halloween, as you wander the streets,
What the witch said of pollen as you gather your treats.
For even the spookiest spells can go awry,
And leave you with allergies that make you cry!

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