How will I know when an epidemic thunderstorm asthma event may happen?

Epidemic thunderstorm asthma forecasts will be publically available throughout the Victorian grass pollen season (1 October to 31 December) on the VicEmergency website and app. To check the forecast, visit

Where possible, those at increased risk should avoid being outside during thunderstorms from October through December – especially in the wind gusts that come before the storm.

The forecasts will be updated twice daily to ensure that the forecast includes the most up-to-date storm and pollen information. The forecast for the current day will be updated at approximately midday each day and the forecasts for tomorrow and the next day at mid-afternoon.

This staggered approach means that for approximately 3 hours each day there will be an epidemic thunderstorm asthma forecast for two days (the current day and tomorrow) rather than three days whilst the relevant weather observations and predictions are updated.

Forecasts will also be used to trigger public advice and warnings on the VicEmergency warnings platform.

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