Talking tree pollen

Oct. 25, 2019

Main tree pollen types seen at the Parkville site up to October 16.

This week Melbourne had its first high grass pollen day of the 2019 season, followed straightaway by another even bigger day. In short, the season has started, although that won't be news to many of you.

Unfortunately, some technical issues with our forecast models has meant that our daily forecasts this week have been rather on the low side. These problems are now sorted and you should see an improvement in our forecast accuracy.

We apologise for this and acknowledge the impact it has had.

An earlier post about September pollen created a lot of interest from people wanting to know what was causing their early season allergies.

Today's graph picks up that story and shows the main tree pollen types we saw at our Parkville site in the first couple of weeks of October.

Levels of cypress and ash pollen are down from their September peaks with ash pollen levels trailing off as we moved further into October.

Cypress pollen, it seems, is always there.

And there was plane tree pollen too, although we don't see that much of it in Parkville. Where these trees are more abundant, I'm sure the levels of plane tree pollen are much higher too.

Pollen monitoring is in full swing with all eight sites across Victoria reporting daily.

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