Pure gold - Bendigo and Creswick

Nov. 17, 2017

The Bendigo and Creswick pollen counting team

On the next day of our grand tour of Victoria’s new pollen traps we had a double whammy and visited Bendigo and Creswick, both former gold towns.

Appropriately enough our traps are located in places with a strong botanical connection. In Bendigo our pollen trap is on the Flora Hill campus of La Trobe University and in Creswick the trap is on the University of Melbourne campus, which has been an important location for forest science education since 1910.

We visited Bendigo first and noted a great many flowering gums and parrots in our survey of possible local pollen sources.

In Creswick we had a stroll through part of the 610 hectare demonstration forest that was planted when the campus was established over a hundred years ago. The Creswick air is full of casuarina and cypress pollen and has the most native pollen of any of the sites we have seen so far.

I have even spotted some Dodonaea or hop bush pollen, which for a pollen counter is very exciting.

Today’s photo shows our Creswick pollen counters, Helen, Yasika, Yogendra and Nadeeshani. After a quick catch up and a visit to yet another fabulous country bakery, we were on our way to the final destination of our tour - Hamilton here we come!


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