A Pollen Counter's View of November 21, 2019

Nov. 22, 2019


Yesterday, November 21 2019, was the third anniversary of the 2016 thunderstorm asthma event in Melbourne.

And yesterday was a pretty special day too in its own right, with high temperatures, lightning, gusty winds, dust storms, power outages, an extreme grass pollen count and asthma alerts.

There was lots happening.

Each day at 9am during the pollen season, one of our counters removes the daily slide from the trap for counting.

That's it on the left of the picture, with brown trace of the dust storm clearly evident.

On the right is what we saw when looked at the slide down the microscope: a thick mass of dust and grass pollen. All those pink balls are grass pollen grains.

Although the grass pollen season isn't over yet we're expecting it will start to taper off by mid-December.

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