Grass, tree and weed

Oct. 28, 2016

Why did it feel so bad last Wednesday?

We rated last Wednesday, October 26, as a moderate pollen day because we counted an average of 34 grass pollen grains per cubic metre of air and our high days start when there are at least 50 grass pollen grains per cubic metre. But users of our free app said they still had some hayfever that day, with the average user experiencing mild symptoms and some level of discomfort.

As well as 34 grass pollen grains that cubic metre of air also had an average of 221 other types of pollen.

What was included in other pollen?

Pollen counters like to classify pollen into three broad types: Grass, tree and weed.

As can be seen in today's picture, on Wednesday all three types were present.

The main types of tree pollen were cypress and birch and the weed pollen we saw included daisy (capeweed, Arctotheca calendula, is flowering at the moment) and plantain (Plantago, in no way related to the banana-like fruit that's also called plantain).

Warm days and northerly winds mean we're forecasting high for the weekend ahead. But following this advice can help you manage your hayfever and enjoy the lovely spring weather.


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