Nov. 3, 2017

The Dookie pollen counting team

With Churchill now behind us we begin day 2 of our great Victorian pollen road trip and head to our next destination – Dookie in the Goulburn Valley.

Established more than 130 years ago, Dookie is Victoria's oldest agricultural college; its association with the University of Melbourne began as long ago as 1910. Located in the fertile farmlands of the Goulburn Valley, the Dookie campus is about 50 km east of Shepparton.

Today’s photo shows the Dookie pollen counters, Jamal, Hari and Kabir, who are not only studying agriculture at Dookie but live on campus as well.


Around the beautiful Dookie campus we can see that the canola has stopped flowering although the stands of wheat and pasture grasses are still looking quite green. Dotting the landscape are mature sheoaks (casuarina) and cypress, and eucalypts too of course!

This regional variation in vegetation has a marked effect on the level and types of pollen as well, with Dookie's slides being very different to Churchill’s. We’ll discuss these differences in detail in a later blog.

After catching up with the pollen counters and avoiding a possible crisis by topping up at the Dookie pump, we hit the road again with eyes peeled for the next wonderful country bakery.

Next stop: Bendigo!

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