Bambi vs Godzilla?

Oct. 22, 2015

How is this year shaping up for pollen?

The other day our Canberra colleagues blogged about how this season is trending towards record levels of grass pollen - they are warning of a potential Godzilla-like hay fever season in the nation's capital! Today's graph shows you how Melbourne season is doing in comparison.

The graph shows the cumulative total of grass pollen grains for the season. That is, each daily count is added to the sum of all the previous daily counts from October 1 – that’s the red line in today’s graph. Compare that line to the blue line (our average grass season) and the two dashed lines, our worst season (1993) and our mildest season (2008).

A little early to tell yet but on the face of it 2015 is shaping up more Bambi than Godzilla.

We'll check in on progress again in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, here's some great advice on how to manage your hay fever.

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