Supporting the science behind the Melbourne Pollen Count

Nov. 18, 2020

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For many years the University of Melbourne Botany Foundation has helped bring the Melbourne Pollen Count to you by supporting their regular sampling and forecasting of airborne grass pollen during the hay fever season.

While it wasn’t a big research program, it has had a huge impact especially when it came to understanding the life-threatening phenomenon known as ‘thunderstorm asthma’.

Now, the Melbourne Pollen Count works with the Bureau of Meteorology and the Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services and has helped establish the network of pollen monitoring stations across Victoria that deliver a world-class thunderstorm asthma alert system.

But the Botany Foundation directly supports a wide array of research areas and programs to assist students and staff working in plant science.

From understanding the ecology of seagrass beds in Port Phillip Bay to the biology of the microorganisms that build mighty coral reefs, from managing endangered woodlands on the Murray River to digitising valuable historic records of Australia’s rich and unique flora, the Botany Foundation helps get this work get and that helps nurture the next generation of plant scientists.

While not all projects have the same level of public engagement as the Melbourne Pollen Count, they are all just as important and all matter.

Click here for the Botany Foundation's annual report to learn more about the research they support.

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