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Is your asthma made worse by allergens in the air?

Our local AusPollen Apps provide daily levels of pollen in the air.

To help us evaluate the usefulness of our Apps and how we can improve this service, we invite you to complete a short questionnaire before and after the pollen season.

This research will help us site future pollen count stations and determine whether there are local triggers that make hay fever and asthma worse.

Best regards,

The AusPollen team.

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Merry Christmas

The Melbourne Pollen Count wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2014.

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Mid-season update

How is 2013 going?

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Fright Night - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Folks!

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First high grass pollen day for 2013

How bad is this year going to be?

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Ed Newbigin speaks about pollen counting

Scope: Pollen is an important substance, but can cause problems for those with allergies

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Pollen count record high

Pollen count levels are predicted to hit a record high this spring, as millions of hayfever sufferers stock up on tissues, pills and nasal sprays.

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Hay fever sufferers on high alert

Allergy sufferers are being warned to prepare early for what is expected to be one of the worst hay fever seasons on record.

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Melbourne pollen count up and running for 2013

Welcome back to the Melbourne pollen count.